White star

This is our premium blend of chardonnay, white riesling and pinot grigio. Chardonnay ages in wood, with white riesling and pinot grigio maturing in steel tanks. These wine types usually represent entry class in Styria; however, if top quality ingredients are combined, a high quality result can be expected. This full, elegant wine has an excellent ageing potential and will easily last a decade at a minimum.

White star with food

This is a distinctly culinary type of wine, which can be offered to all baked dishes, roasts, grilled meat, dark meat poultry and fine white fish.

ColourSoft lemon yellow, turning into golden yellow in time.

AromaA youthful, vivacious yet complex bouquet, with the fruitiness of pinot grigio, the minerality and diversity of white riesling, and the sturdiness of chardonnay all intertwined.

PalateDry in the mouth; crisp with the refreshing acidity of the riesling and the softness and texture of chardonnay and pinot grigio.

BodyFull-bodied with a long finish.

Serving temperature14°C

Stars of Stiria