Red Star

Red Star is a blend of pinot noir and merlot; the former contributes finesse, the latter adding structure and body. It is a ‘by the glass’ wine to be served in restaurants. It is Styria’s version of the Valpolicella or Beaujolais wines.

This is what Red Star is today, but what about tomorrow? The majority of wine for Red Star will be bottled as Passion (pinot noir) and Skywalker (merlot); however, as barrels must be kept full, some of the top quality raw product will remain. Quantities will be scarce, however; a mere barrel or two. The wine is maturing in American and French oak barrels.

Red Star with food

It goes extremely well with steak, cold meats, steak tartare, all types of meat served with a brown gravy and game, as well as with ragout or wild game pasta, and with a superb pizza.

ColourDistinct, ruby red.

AromaA youthful, fruity, spicy bouquet, reminiscent of fully-ripe red fruit, cherries, sour-cherries, liquorice; with a hint of vanilla and a roasting sensation.

PalateDry in the mouth, medium-bodied, with a lot of character and low in tannins, giving it balance and making it drinkable immediately after it is placed on the market.


Serving temperature16°C

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