Stars of Stiria

The Stars of Stiria series was born on a September night in 1995. The brightest star in the Earth's night sky, Sirius, was shining such a strong light on our chardonnay vines at the Mihalovci location that night, that we decided then and there that those vines and their grapes had to be used to make only top wines. We decided we would be doing our very best what we get, from time to time, from that particular terroir, the vine and the vintage, and so Sirius, the wine, was born. Other stars followed, and the night sky has since been full of the Stars of Stiria.


The Stars of Stiria series, easily discernible by its black and gold label, is the top of the top of the Kupljen wines. With a seal of the vintage and winemaker on the bottle, Stars of Stiria are only produced in the best of vintages. A tribute to the terroir – full of shells from the Pannonian Sea, sandstone, white and blue marl, brick. Grapes are from vineyards aged 20–46. All grapes are hand-picked, hand selected, macerated and gently pressed ahead of the three to six-week temperature-controlled fermentation in, exclusively, small oak barrels made mainly of French and partly of American oak. Grapes are then left resting on fine lees for up to 24 months, after which unfiltered wine is bottled and left to mature. Stars of Stiria wines are exposed to the risks related to trying to grow grapes as ripe as possible, and those related to the winemaker’s style pursuing full yet elegant and complex wines in perfect harmony. Stars of Stiria wines are thick and mineral, a mature fruitiness reverberating from the background. Subject to the right conditions, Stars of Stiria have the ageing potential of 25 years.