The press no doubt like our wines too; our wines have been written and talked about in numerous newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc. Here is a list of the most recent magazine and newspaper articles about the Jeruzalem–Svetinje Kupljen wine cellar and our wines.



"With hard work, continual training and in the pursuit of perfection, Jože Kupljen had increased his estate, with the help of his son Samo, to 30 hectares. After Jože passed, Samo and his wife Lidija took over the estate, proving as a duo that the Kupljen Wines motto »With Sun and Love« has found the right successors, who are taking the estate to new heights.

The Kupljen White Riesling Selection Prestige by all means reveals that both owners, the deceased Jože as well as Samo, had travelled Europe and tried many an excellent white riesling. The selection is of a medium-intensity golden yellow hue with typical riesling notes: from petroleum to honey and ripe yellow fruit (peaches), including floral notes. On the palate it is sweet yet poised and harmonious, rich in extracts and full in flavour.

The reason I picked this particular white riesling was to show how good, fresh and harmonious white rieslings of an older vintage can be."


Miha Femec, Finance; February 2, 2017




"Samo has ambitious plans for grape crops from his estate, and he is willing to take big risks to deliver the best result. Like last autumn, when he delayed his harvest far into October, when the cellars of the majority of his fellow winegrowers in Slovenia were already babbling with must. As we sat together in the garden of the Kupljen home on a sunny Sunday in the second half of October, merlot and white riesling were still hanging on the vines in the vineyards around us. Kupljen wanted to leave them there for as long as possible. Time will show how good this manouvre was.”

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Web portal Siol, November 2016




"What first words should I use to summarize the work, influence and know-how of this revolutionary Styria winemaker? Legend, perhaps? A man who shattered written and unwritten wine growing taboos? Perhaps even – a revolutionary? Jože was all these things and more. He was a vigorous, sturdy Slovenian from the Slovenske gorice area, one of the most beautiful wine growing areas in the country. He adored his local wine growing hills as if they were his children. Small wonder this, seeing as he was born into a family of winemakers who had lost all their land and property after WW2 to nationalisation – as did, indeed, everyone who owned a larger than small piece of land. Well, they were allowed to keep a few vines after all, and the love of wine and wine growing left an indelible imprint on Jože’s life."


Tomaž Sršen, Dolce Vita