This French variety initially found a home in the Loara Valley, where it was made into the white wines of the Bordeaux region. It later became the number one varietal in New Zealand, a country the name of which has nowadays become used almost synonymously with sauvignon. The varietal is characterised by distinct herbal notes, in warmer climates also by tropical fruit. Styria is no doubt a superb region for sauvignon, testified not least by a series of very good and even excellent sauvignons in our close surroundings.

The Kupljen sauvignon does not pursue the variety’s popular intensity and distinct herbal notes; rather, it pursues a certain level of maturity still allowing it to remain fresh, and reserved aromas, which are diverse and typical of the variety. This is a wine that can easily last half a decade or more.

Sauvignon with food

Since it is not particularly aromatic, it pairs well with food. We recommend it be served alongside dishes with asparagus, salads, pasta with tomato sauce and other dishes in which vegetables are central.

ColourLight yellow with green reflections.

AromaReminiscent of elderflower, tropical fruit, dry hay, also of lemons and apricots.


BodyMedium-bodied with excellent persistence.

Serving temperature12°C