Our rosé is made from pinot noir grapes. After a six-hour maceration, the must – which at that point already obtains the typical rosé colour – is separated from the liquid without the grapes being pressed. Rosé unites both worlds, of red and white wine – it exhibits the freshness, playfulness and fruitiness of the whites, and the minerality of the reds. It is an ideal wine for all summer long: from Easter to Saint Martin's Day.

Excellent as soon as when placed on the market, and a true delight with a meal or on long summer days on the patio, in the garden or on the bow of a boat, with the colour of the sun mirrored in the colour of the wine just before sunset.

Rosé with food

It makes for a nice aperitif, and pairs superbly with fish dishes, clams, crabs, white veal and seafood risotto. It also makes for an exceptional companion to home-made pizza or pasta.

ColourRed onion.

AromaTender, youthful and diverse, reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries, yellow apples and citrus fruits.

PalateDry, full yet fresh, slightly mineral.

BodyMedium- to full-bodied.

Serving temperature8°C