Muscadine is one of the oldest varieties on the planet. Wines produced from it are exceptionally aromatic, their bouquet reminiscent of grapes, nutmeg, licchi. Better vintages differ from the simpler ones in their diverse aromas and lack of green, herbal notes. This variety is never at the top in terms of popular appeal, but it is an evergreen.

Muscat with food

A sweet-wine hit, to be served with semi-sweet desserts based on yellow fruit. It is often drunk solo.

ColourSoft, lemon yellow.

AromaA distinct, clear bouquet of nutmeg and grapes, with a hint of roses, licchi and grapefruit.

PalateIt tastes sweet, light, has a diverse aromatic profile, an oily texture and a character that often delivers beyond the promise of its diverse bouquet. With a long finish.


Serving temperature12°C