Furmint is the oldest variety of our wine-growing area. It has likely been around for at least 1,000 years. Before the phylloxera, when over 300 different varieties had thrived in the region, it was considered the finest of them all. If tended by a wise winegrower, it is an exceptional and flexible variety, allowing for a wide range of styles.

Furmint is a wine superb as soon as put on the shelves and remains that way for at least three to four years; in case of excellent vintages – like 2015 – it will mature nicely for even up to ten years.

Furmint with food

It makes for a nice aperitif, especially the cooler vintages, and pairs exquisitely with fish dishes and with raw fish, such as fish carpaccio and sushi. In Styria, we will serve it with meat from the lard barrel (known as tünka) or with flat bread (known as postrüžjača).

ColourLight, golden yellow.

AromaSoft, youthful and diverse; reminiscent of ripe yellow fruit, lemon, apple and pear.

PalateDry, with a somewhat oily texture, full, slightly mineral.

BodyMedium- to full-bodied.

Serving temperature14°C