Chardonnay is a French wine variety at home all around the globe; it is the world’s indisputable number one white wine. It arrived to Styria in 1822. It develops the strongest character if aged in wooden barrels.

A classical Styria chardonnay is a wine ready to be consumed as soon as it is made, while it can also be left to mature for at least half a decade.

Chardonnay with food

It pairs very well with a wide range of dishes, especially terrine, ham or mortadella salads, pasta with creamy sauces, risotto with vegetables, steamed dishes and seafood.

ColourSoft golden yellow.

AromaA gentle aromatic profile reminiscent of continental fruit, like apples and pears, but also mango and white flowers. A tender buttery note is also present.

PalateIt tastes dry in the mouth, and is decidedly fresh, with a clear sense of fruit and a fine complexity.


Serving temperature12°C